Application : Easy Cyclic Upload Files To FTP

Easy Cyclic Upload Files To FTP

Easy application gives the possibility to send list of files to a FTP server within period setting. The drag and drop function can be used to make the file list.
Then, user can set the period in seconds and each time this period is elapsed, the application will upload automatically the file list to the FTP server adjusted by the user.
The application can be launch automatically when Windows starts and can be adjusted as fully hidden mode.

How to stop and initialize Easy_Cyclic_Upload_Files_To_FTP to default parameters :

1/ You have to create a file named "STOP" (without any extension) in the same folder than exe file. The name of the exe file is Easy_Cyclic_Upload_Files_To_FTP.EXE and it could be located into users directory.
2/ After a short time, program will delete this file named "STOP" without any extension.
3/ The program has been stop and set with default launch parameters.
4/ Then, you can restart the software and change launch option or if you dont want to use it anymore, you can delete the exe file.

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