Application : Easy WebCam Recording V3.2

Easy WebCam Recording

Current version : V3.2

Easy WebCam Recording is an easy to use application designed to enable you to record new files with your webcam.
The recording can be launched by direct click or by motion detection and the recorded files are saved on a local hard disk and can be transfered automatically to an FTP server.

List of the output jpeg files generated by the software :

Easy WebCam Recording generates a list of jpeg file according to the activity in front of the webcam with the setting of sampling time.

Launch mode

Launch mode : it is possible to start Easy Webcam Recording within 2 ways :

  • normal mode : the application starts as a normal Windows application.
  • minimized mode : the application starts automatically in minimized mode and a small icon appears in the notification area (near the clock). A right click on this icon shows a pop up menu to restore, to minimize or to stop the application.

Record at launch

When the applications starts, normal or minimized mode, it can record nothing untill you click a recording button, it can start recording immediatly or it can start recording after motion detection as well.


Few parameters are available to adjust the application according the user expectation :
- Detection threshold : it adjust the sensibility of the detection. The application analyse picture after picture and make a calculation to find the quantity of changed pixels from the previous picture. Then the value starts from 0% (no detection) to 100% (detection always on). A value set at 5% means the application will start recording if there is 5% at least of changed pixel between 2 joined picture.
To detect a bird at 2 meters, you have to set this value at 3%.
To detect a bear at 2 meters, you have to set this value at 70% :-).
- Sampling time : this is the time between 2 record (or 2 flash) from the webcam. This value can't be set to very small one because the application need some time to make calculation and to save the file on the hard disk. Then the minimum value is link to the hardware of the computer. On the status bar, there is the calculation time that application need, then the sampling time value must be over than calculation time.
- Delay before start recording : the application will wait this time before to start record function.
- Delay before stop recording : the application will wait this time before to stop the record.
- JPEG size : this is the size of the JPEG file coming from the webcam.
- Add date and time on the picture : the application can add information of date and time at the bottom of the recorded picture.

Destination folder

All the generated JPEG files are saved under this specified folder. Then, the application creates automatically sub folder named like a fixed prefix (SUROR) plus the date of the day. Moreover, when the motion detection is enabled, the application creates other sub folders (named like D0000, D0001, ...)each time a new motion is detected.
An option is available to save the picture from the webcam to a single file name. This file name can be set.
User can specify the maximum quantity of files within a folder. Then, when the limit is reached, a new folder will be created automatically.

FTP connection

The Easy Webcam Recording application gives the possibility to send all the recorded files to an FTP server in REAL TIME.
A button is available to check the connection with the FTP parameters set.

Start stop record

The webcam recording can be started or stopped manually by clicking on a button :

  • Start or stop record immediatly
  • Start or stop record after motion detection. It allows to test the adjustment of the motion detection function.